Background Readings in Contact Geometry

There is no introductory text for contact geometry. Below we have listed some books and papers that might help one begin studying contact geometry. This might be a somewhat biased list but we hope it is helpful.


Characteristic Foliations and Contact Convexity

Other papers discussing useful manipulations of the characteristic foliation are:

A powerful method for manipulating characteristic foliations is developed in:

Symplectic Convexity

See the following paper and the references therein:

For the construction of many contact manifolds using convexity see:

Other Constructions

Many constructions of contact structures may be found in:

Some of these constructions can be shown to produce tight contact structures (sometimes):

Holomorphic Curves in Contact Geometry

There are many useful books on holomorphic curves in symplectic geometry. These would be useful too look at, particularly the proofs of Gromov compactness. See for example:

For a more direct application to contact structures see:

For contact homology see:

Foliations and Contact Geometry

There is a very promising connection between foliation theory and contact geometry that has only begun to be pursued. See

Contact Geometry and Seiberg-Witten Theory

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