Geometric models of biological phenomena

This web page highlights some of the conjectures and open problems concerning Geometric models of biological phenomena.

If you would like to print a hard copy of the whole outline, you can download a dvi, postscript or pdf version.

  1. Afternoon Discussion Sessions
    1. Introduction to Discussion Session Goals
    2. Sunday Discussion on Biological Issues
    3. Monday Discussion on Combinatorial Issues
    4. Tuesday Discussion on Statistical Issues
    5. Wednesday Discussion on Geometric Issues
    6. Thursday Open Discussion

Lecture notes

Bridson, Martin. Distances, Spaces, and Curvature with slides.

Diaconis, Persi. What Statisticians Do

Epstein, David. Computing the BHV metric
Epstein, David. The Space of Trees

Felsenstein, Joe. Inference of Phylogenies, with some Thoughts on Statistics and Geometry

Penny, David. An Introduction to Trees and Networks

Sober, Elliot. The Contest Between Parsimony and Likelihood