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Workshop:   Arborealization of singularities of Lagrangian skeleta
  Steklov eigenproblems
  Symplectic four-manifolds through branched coverings
  Web accessibility of mathematics
  Research experiences for undergraduate faculty
  Nonlocal differential equations in collective behavior
  Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics and symplectic geometry
  Stein's method and applications in high-dimensional statistics
  Nonlinear PDEs in real and complex geometry
  Additive combinatorics and its applications
  Boltzmann machines
  Discrete geometry and automorphic forms
  Categorified Hecke algebras, link homology, and Hilbert schemes
  Modeling the eye as a window on the body
  Sarnak's conjecture
  Problems in several complex variables
  Surfaces of infinite type
  Definability and decidability problems in number theory
  Symmetry and convexity in geometric inequalities
  Smooth concordance classes of topologically slice knots
  Shape optimization with surface interactions
  Equilibrium states for dynamical systems arising from geometry
  Rationality problems in algebraic geometry
  Zeros of random polynomials
  Identifiability problems in systems biology
  Noncommutative surfaces and Artin's conjecture
  Self-interacting processes, supersymmetry, and Bayesian statistics