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Workshop:   Scissors congruences, algebraic K-theory and Steinberg modules
  PreTeXt for small documents
  Graph Theory: structural properties, labelings, and connections to applications
  Research experiences for undergraduate faculty
  Open source mathematics curriculum and assessment tools
  PDE methods in complex geometry
  Finite tensor categories: their cohomology and geometry
  Higher-dimensional log Calabi-Yau pairs
  Albertson conjecture and related problems
  Higher Du Bois and higher rational singularities
  Nilpotent counting problems in arithmetic statistics
  Chromatic homotopy theory and p-adic geometry
  Low-degree polynomial methods in average-case complexity
  Motives and mapping class groups
  Geometric partial differential equations from unified string theories
  The geometry of polynomials in combinatorics and sampling
  All roads to the KPZ universality class
  New directions in G2 geometry
  Moments in families of L-functions over function fields
  Algorithmic stability: mathematical foundations for the modern era