Volume 18, 2015

2015-72   My Contact Homology Shopping List
by Viktor L. Ginzburg
2015-71   Detecting Fourier subspaces
by Charles A. Akemann and Nik Weaver
2015-70   Limit points and long gaps between primes
by Roger Baker and Tristan Freiberg
2015-69   Short intervals with a given number of primes
by Tristan Freiberg
2015-68   Proof of Stembridge's conjecture on stability of Kronecker coefficients
by Steven V Sam and Andrew Snowden
2015-67   Membership in moment polytopes is in NP and coNP
by Peter Bürgisser, Matthias Christandl, Ketan D. Mulmuley and Michael Walter
2015-66   Anchored boundary conditions for locally isostatic networks
by Louis Theran, Anthony Nixon, Elissa Ross, Mahdi Sadjadi, Brigitte Servatius and M. F. Thorpe
2015-65   Brieskorn Manifolds, Positive Sasakian Geometry, and Contact Topology
by Charles P. Boyer, Leonardo Macarini and Otto van Koert
2015-64   Algebraic torsion via Heegaard Floer homology
by Cagatay Kutluhan, Gordana Matic, Jeremy Van Horn-Morris and Andy Wand
2015-63   Noncrossing partitions, toggles, and homomesies
by David Einstein, Miriam Farber, Emily Gunawan, Michael Joseph, Matthew Macauley, James Propp, Simon Rubinstein-Salzedo
2015-62   Inertia of Loewner Matrices
by Rajendra Bhatia, Shmuel Friedland and Tanvi Jain
2015-61   Total positivity in Markov structures
by Shaun Fallat, Steffen Lauritzen, Kayvan Sadeghi, Caroline Uhler, Nanny Wermuth and Piotr Zwiernik
2015-60   Critical exponents of graphs
by Dominique Guillot, Apoorva Khare and Bala Rajaratnam
2015-59   The Langalands quotient theorem for finite central extensions of p-adic groups II: intertwining operators an duality
by Dubravka Ban and Chris Jantzen
2015-58   Modular functors, cohomological field theories and topological recursion
by Jorgen Ellegaard Andersen, Gaëtan Borot and Nicolas Orantin
2015-57   Knots, BPS states, and algebraic curves
by Stavros Garoufalidis, Piotr Kucharski and Piotr Sułkowski
2015-56   Limiting configurations for solutions of Hitchin's equation
by Rafe Mazzeo, Jan Swoboda, Hartmut Weiss and Frederik Witt
2015-55   Teichmüller theory for conic surfaces
by Rafe Mazzeo, Hartmut Weiss
2015-54   Power domination and zero forcing
by Katherine F. Benson, Daniela Ferrero, Mary Flagg, Veronika Furst, Leslie Hogben, Violeta Vasilevska and Brian Wissman
2015-53   On steady non-commutative crepant resolutions
by Osamu Iyama and Yusuke Nakajima
2015-52   Representation schemes and rigid maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules
by Hailong Dao and Ian Shipman
2015-51   Representations of integers by systems of three quadratic forms
by Lillian B. Pierce, Damaris Schindler and Melanie Matchett Wood
2015-50   Knots, BPS states, and algebraic curves
by Stavros Garoufalidis, Piotr Kucharski, and Piotr Sułkowski
2015-49   Colored HOMFLY polynomials can distinguish mutant knots
by Satoshi Nawata, P. Ramadevi, and Vivek Kumar Singh
2015-48   Approximate polynomial structure in additively large sets
by Mauro Di Nasso, Isaac Goldbring, Renling Jin, Steven Leth, Martino Lupini, and Karl Mahlburg
2015-47   Sparse univariate polynomials with many roots over finite fields
by Qi Cheng, Shuhong Gao, J. Maurice Rojas, and Daqing Wan
2015-46   On the number of generators of ideals in polynomial rings
by Jean Fasel
2015-45   Numerical algebraic geometry for model selection
by Elizabeth Gross, Brent Davis, Kenneth L. Ho, Daniel J. Bates, and Heather A. Harrington
2015-44   Sobolev inequalities and the d-bar-Neumann operator
by Friedrich Haslinger
2015-43   Counting rational points on smooth cubic surfaces
by Christopher Frei and Efthymios Sofos
2015-42   Failures of weak approximation in families
by M. Bright, T. D. Browning and D. Loughran
2015-41   Rational points on K3 surfaces and derived equivalence
by Brendan Hassett and Yuri Tschinkel
2015-40   Counting rational points on the Cayley ruled cubic
by Régis de la Bretèche, Tim Browning and Per Salberger
2015-39   Dualité et principe local-global pour les tores sur une courbe au-dessus de C((t))
by Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène and David Harari
2015-38   $L^p$ Mapping Properties of the Bergman Projection on the Hartogs Triangle
by Debraj Chakrabarti
2015-37   Conditional persistence of Gaussian random walks
by Fuchang Gao, Zhenxia Liu, and Xiangfeng Yang
2015-36   Windings of the stable Kolmogorov process
by Christophe Profeta and Thomas Simon
2015-35   Persistence exponent for discrete-time, time-reversible processes
by Frank Aurzada and Nadine Guillotin-Plantard
2015-34   On the Classification of Weakly Integral Modular Categories
by Paul Bruillard, César Galindo, Siu-Hung Ng, Julia Plavnik, Eric C. Rowell, and Zhenghan Wang
2015-33   High density piecewise syndeticity of product sets in amenable groups
by Mauro Di Nasso, Isaac Goldbring, Renling Jin, Steven Leth, Martino Lupini, and Karl Mahlburg
2015-32   Intersection Multiplicity of Serre in the Unramified Case
by Chris Skalit
2015-31   An inequality for tensor product of positive operators and its applications
by Xaixia Chang, Vehbi E. Paksoy and Fuzhen Zhang
2015-30   R-equivalence and A^1-connectedness in anisotropic groups
by Chetan Balwe and Anand Sawant
2015-29   Disjoint edges in topological graphs and the tangled-thrackle conjecture
by Andres J. Ruiz-Vargas, Andrew Suk and Csaba D. Toth
2015-28   The Morse and Maslov indices for Schrodinger operators
by Y. Latushkin, A. Sukhtayev and S. Sukhtaiev
2015-27   The Morse and Maslov indices for multidimensional Schrodinger operators with matrix-valued potentials
by G. Cox, C.K.R.T. Jones, Y. Latushkin and A. Sukhtayev
2015-25   Exponential decay of recostrnuction error from binary measurements of sparse signals
by R. Baraniuk, S. Foucart, D. Needell, Y. Plan, and M. Wootters
2015-24   Unique equilibrium states for the robustly transitive diffeomorphisms of Mane and Bonatti-Viana
by V. Climenhaga, T. Fisher, and D.J. Thompson
2015-23   Unique equilibrium states for flows and homeomorphisms with non-uniform structure
by Vaughn Climenhaga and Daniel J. Thompson
2015-22   Open problems and questions about geodesics
by Keith Burns and Vladimir S. Matveev
2015-21   Shock formation in small-data solutions to 3D quasilinear wave equations: An overview
by Gustav Holzegel, Sergiu Klainerman, Jared Speck, Willie Wong
2015-20   Shock formation in small-data solutions to 3D quasilinear wave equations
by Jared Speck
2015-19   Matrix positivity preservers in fixed dimension. I
by Alexander Belton, Dominique Guillot, Apoorva Khare and Mihai Putinar
2015-18   A monad measure space for logarithmic density
by Mauro Di Nasso, Isaac Goldbring, Renling Jin, Steven Leth, Martino Lupini, and Karl Mahlburg
2015-17   Random integral matrices and the Cohen Lenstra Heuristics
by Melanie Matchett Wood
2015-16   Loops in SU(2) and factorization, II
by Estelle Basor and Doug Pickrell
2015-15   The Alexander module, Seifert forms, and categorification
by Jennifer Hom, Tye Lidman, and Liam Watson
2015-14   Stability of equilibria of randomly perturbed maps
by Pawel Hitczenko and Georgi S. Medvedev
2015-13   Fourientations and the Tutte Polynomial
by Spencer Backman and Sam Hopkins
2015-12   A frame theoretic approach to the non-uniform fast Fourier transform
by Anne Gelb and Guohui Song
2015-11   Breaking the coherence barrier: A new theory for compressed sensing
by Ben Adcock, Anders C. Hansen, Clarice Poon, and Bogdan Roman
2015-10   Weighted frames of exponentials and stable recovery of multidimensional functions from nonuniform Fourier samples
by Ben Adcock, Milana Gataric, and Anders C. Hansen
2015-9   Isometric embedding via strongly symmetric positive systems
by Gui-Qiang Chen, Jeanne Clelland, Marshall Slemrod, Dehua Wang, and Deane Yang
2015-8   The distribution of Fq-points on cyclic l-covers of genus g
by Alina Bucur, Chantal David, Brooke Feigon, Nathan Kaplan, Matilde Lalin, Ekin Ozman and Melanie Matchett Wood
2015-7   Augmentations are sheaves
by Lenhard Ng, Dan Rutherford, Steven Sivek, Vivek Shende, and Eric Zaslow
2015-6   Varieties via their L-functions
by David W. Farmer, Sally Koutsoliotas, and Stefan Lemurell
2015-5   Algebraic Systems Biology: A Case Study for the Wnt Pathway
by Elizabeth Gross, Heather A. Harrington, Zvi Rosen, and Bernd Sturmfels
2015-4   Arithmetic functions at consecutive shifted primes
by Paul Pollack and Lola Thompson
2015-3   Moments of zeta functions associated to hyperelliptic curves over finite fields
by Michael O. Rubinstein and Kaiyu Wu
2015-2   Principe local global pour les espaces linéaires sur les intersections de deux quadriques
by Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène
2015-1   Approximating the inverse of banded matrices by banded matrices with applications to probability and statistics
by Peter J. Bickel and Marko Lindner

Volume 17, 2014

2014-111   Symplectic cohomology and duality for the wrapped Fukaya category
by Sheel Ganatra
2014-110   On the spectral distribution of large weighted random regular graphs
by Leo Goldmakher, Cap Khoury, Steven J. Miller and Kesinee Ninsuwan
2014-109   Connectivity and Irreducibility of Algebraic Varieties of Finite Unit Norm Tight Frames
by Jameson Cahill, Dustin G. Mixon and Nate Strawn
2014-108   Coefficients of Sylvester's Denumerant
by Velleda Baldoni, Nicole Berline, Jess De Loera, Brandon Dutra, Matthias Koppe and Michele Vergne
2014-107   Asymptotics of determinants of Hankel matrices via non-linear difference equations
by Estelle L. Basor, Yang Chen and Nazmus S. Haq
2014-106   Guessing games
by Anthony Mendes and Kent E. Morrison
2014-105   Suboptimal Control of Nonlinear Parabolic PDEs
by Mickal D. Chekroun and Honghu Liu
2014-104   Intermediate Sums on Polyhedra II: Bidegree and Poisson Formula
by Velleda Baldoni, Nicole Berline, Jess A. De Loera, Matthias Koppe and Michele Vergne
2014-103   Approximate tensorization of entropy at high temperature
by Pietro Caputo, Georg Menz and Prasad Tetali
2014-102   Levels of distribution and the Affine Sieve
by Alex Kontorovich
2014-101   Disjoint edges in topological graphs and the tangled-thrackle conjecture
by Andres J. Ruiz-Vargas, Andrew Suk and Csaba D. Toth
2014-100   Exponential decay of reconstruction error from binary measurements of sparse signals
by Richard Baraniuk, Simon Foucart, Deanna Needell, Yaniv Plan and Mary Wootters
2014-99   Three Ehrhart Quasi-polynomials
by Velleda Baldoni, Nicole Berline, Jess A. De Loera, Matthias Koppe and Michele Vergne
2014-98   Rational points on K3 surfaces and derived equivalence
by Brendan Hassett and Yuri Tschinkel
2014-97   Kantorovich duality for general transport costs and applications
by Nathael Gozlan, Cyril Roberto, Paul-Marie Samson and Prasad Tetali
2014-96   A global nullstellensatz for ideals of Denjoy-Carleman functions
by Francesca Acquistapace, Fabrizio Broglia, and Andreea Nicoara
2014-95   The Brenner-Hochster-Kollár and Whitney problems for vector-valued functions and jets
by Charles L. Fefferman and Garving K. Luli
2014-94   Fields on the bottom
by Moshe Jarden and Carlos Videla
2014-93   Positive polynomials in scalar and matrix variables, the spectral theorem and optimization
by J. William Helton and Mihai Putinar
2014-92   Bounded gaps between primes in number fields and function fields
by Abel Castillo, Chris Hall, Robert J. Lemke Oliver, Paul Pollack, and Lola Thompson
2014-91   Lagrangian cobordisms via generating families: Constructions and geography
by Frederic Bourgeois, Joshua M. Sabloff, and Lisa Traynor
2014-90   The Langlands-Weissman Program for Brylinski-Deligne extensions
by Wee Teck Gan and Fan Gao
2014-89   The Gindikin-Karpelevich Formula and Constant Terms of Eisenstein Series for Brylinski-Deligne Extensions
by Fan Gao
2014-88   A relative Grace Theorem for complex polynomials
by Daniel Plaumann and Mihai Putinar
2014-87   Parameter identifiability of discrete Bayesian networks with hidden variables
by Elizabeth S. Allman, John A. Rhodes, Elena Stanghellini, and Marco Valtorta
2014-86   On K4 of the Gaussian and Eisenstein integers
by Mathieu Dutour Sikiric, Herbert Gangl, Paul E. Gunnells, Jonathan Hanke, Achill Schuermann, and Dan Yasaki
2014-85   Distance two links
by Ryan Blair, Marion Campisi, Jesse Johnson, Scott A. Taylor, and Maggy Tomova
2014-83   A heuristic for the distribution of point counts for random curves over a finite field
by Jeffrey D. Achter, Daniel Erman, Kiran S. Kedlaya, Melanie Matchett Wood and David Zureick-Brown
2014-84   Exceptional and cosmetic surgeries on knots
by Ryan Blair, Marion Campisi, Jesse Johnson, Scott A. Taylor, and Maggy Tomova
2014-83   A heuristic for the distribution of point counts for random curves over a finite field
by Jeffrey D. Achter, Daniel Erman, Kiran S. Kedlaya, Melanie Matchett Wood, and David Zureick-Brown
2014-82   Lyapunov functions, stationary distributions, and non-equilibrium potential for chemical reaction networks
by David F. Anderson, Gheorghe Craciun, Manoj Gopalkrishnan, and Carsten Wiuf
2014-81   Local cohomology modules of a smooth Z-algebra have finitely many associated primes
by Bhargav Bhatt, Manuel Blickle, Gennady Lyubeznik, Anurag K. Singh, and Wenliang Zhang
2014-80   Crossing numbers of complete tripartite and balanced complete multipartite graphs
by Ellen Gethner, Leslie Hogben, Bernard Lidický, Florian Pfender, Amanda Ruiz, Michael Young
2014-79   Minimum rank of graphs with loops
by C. Bozeman, AV. Ellsworth, L. Hogben, J. C.-H. Lin, G. Maurer, K. Nowak, A. Rodriguez, J. Strickland
2014-78   Volume and homology growth of aspherical manifolds
by Roman Sauer
2014-77   Computing Homology Invariants of Legendrian Knots
by Emily E. Casey and Michael B. Henry
2014-76   Ruling polynomials and augmentations over finite fields
by Michael B. Henry and Dan Rutherford
2014-75   Equivalence classes of augmentations and Morse complex sequences of Legendrian knots
by Michael B. Henry and Dan Rutherford
2014-74   Parameter-free methods distinguish Wnt pathway models and guide design of experiments
by Adam L. MacLean, Zvi Rosen, Helen M. Byrne, and Heather A. Harrington
2014-73   Ends of the moduli space of Higgs bundles
by Rafe Mazzeo, Jan Swoboda, Hartmut Weiss, and Frederik Witt
2014-72   Complex Two-Graphs via Equiangular Tight Frames
by Thomas Hoffman and James Solazzo
2014-71   An algebraic characterization of injectivity in phase retrieval
by Aldo Conca, Dan Edidin, Milena Hering and Cynthia Vinzant
2014-70   Representing Scott sets in algebraic settings
by Alf Dolich, Julia Knight, Karen Lange and David Marker
2014-69   Improved Recovery Guarantees for Phase Retrieval from Coded Diffraction Patterns
by David Gross, Felix Krahmer and Richard Kueng
2014-68   A strong restricted isometry property, with an application to phaseless compressed sensing
by Vladislav Voroninski and Zhiqiang Xu
2014-67   Patching and the p-adic local Langlands correspondence
by Ana Caraiani, Matthew Emerton, Toby Gee, David Geraghty, Vytautas Paskunas, and Sug Woo Shin
2014-66   All complex equiangular tight frames in dimension 3
by Ferenc Szöllősi
2014-65   Turing degree spectra of differentially closed fields
by Dave Marker and Russell Miller
2014-64   Asymptotic quantization of exponential random graphs
by Mei Yin, Alessandro Rinaldo and Sukhada Fadnavis
2014-63   The Regularity problem for second order elliptic operators with complex-valued bounded measurable coefficients
by Steve Hofmann, Carlos Kenig, Svitlana Mayboroda, Jill Pipher
2014-62   Chip-firing and energy minimization on M-matrices
by Johnny Guzmán and Caroline Klivans
2014-61   The conjectural relation between generalized Shalika models on SO4n(F) and the symplectic linear model on Sp4n(F). A Toy Example
by Agn`es David, Marcela Hanzer and Judith Ludwig
2014-60   Computing Néron-Severi groups and cycle class groups
by Bjorn Poonen, Damiano Testa and Ronald van Luijk
2014-59   Bayesian Model Averaging of Stochastic Block Models to Estimate the Graphon Function and Motif Frequencies in a W-graph Model
by P. Latouche and S. Robin
2014-58   Threshold state and a conjecture of Poghosyan, Poghosyan, Priezzhev and Ruelle
by Lionel Levine
2014-57   Abelian networks: foundations and examples
by Benjamin Bond and Lionel Levine
2014-56   Rotor-routing and spanning trees on planar graphs
by Melody Chan, Thomas Church and Joshua A.
2014-55   Critical Groups of Graphs with Dihedral Actions
by Darren Glass and Criel Merino
2014-54   The Bernardi process and torsor structures on spanning trees
by Matthew Baker and Yao Wang
2014-53   Sandpiles, spanning trees, and plane duality
by Melody Chan, Darren Glass, Matthew Macauley, David Perkinson, Caryn Werner and Qiaoyu Yang
2014-52   G-parking functions and tree inversions
by David Perkinson, Qiaoyu Yang and Kuai Yu
2014-51   On the asymptotics of constrained exponential random graphs
by Richard Kenyon and Mei Yin
2014-50   Asymptotic quantization of exponential random graphs
by Mei Yin, Alessandro Rinaldo and Sukhada Fadnavis
2014-49   Frame potentials and the geometry of frames
by Bernhard G. Bodmann and John Haas
2014-48   3-by-3 matrices with elliptical numerical range revisited
by Patrick Rault, Tsvetanka Sendova, and Ilya M. Spitkovsky
2014-47   The principal rank characteristic sequence over various fields
by Wayne Barrett, Steve Butler, Minerva Catral, Shaun Fallat, Tracy Hall, Leslie Hogben, P. van den Driessche, Michael Young
2014-46   The KdV equation on the half-line: The Dirichlet to Neumann map
by Jonatan Lenells
2014-45   ATP concentration regulates enzyme kinetics
by Jasmine Nirody and Padmini Rangamani
2014-42   Well-posedness for the BBM-equation in a quarter plane
by Bona, Chen and Hsia
2014-41   Interface Problems for Dispersive equations
by Natalie E Sheils and Bernard Deconinck
2014-40   Non-steady state heat conduction in composite walls
by Bernard Deconinck, Beatrice Pelloni and Natalie Sheils
2014-39   On Rational Connectedness of Globally F-Regular Threefolds
by Yoshinori Gongyo, Zhiyuan Li, Zsolt Patakfalvi, Karl Schwede, Hiromu Tanaka and Hong R. Zong
2014-38   Beilinson-Bernstein localization over the Harish-Chandra center
by David Ben-Zvi and David Nadler
2014-37   Weyl character formula in KK-theory
by Jonathan Block and Nigel Higson
2014-36   Poset embeddings of Hilbert functions and Betti numbers
by Giulio Caviglia and Manoj Kummini
2014-35   Rainbow arithmetic progressions.
by Steve Butler, Craig Erickson, Leslie Hogben, Kirsten Hogenson, Lucas Kramer, Richard L. Kramer, Jephian Chin-Hung Lin, Ryan R. Martin, Derrick Stolee, Nathan Warnberg, Michael Young.
2014-34   Brauer groups on K3 surfaces and arithmetic applications
by by Kelly McKinnie, Justin Sawon, Sho Tanimoto and Anthony Várilly-Alvarado
2014-33   A global convergence result for processive multisite phosphorylation systems
by by Carsten Conradi and Anne Shiu
2014-32   Sign conditions for injectivity of generalized polynomial maps with applications to chemical reaction networks and real algebraic geometry
by by Stefan Muller, Elisenda Feliu, Georg Regensburger, Carsten Conradi, Anne Shiu and Alicia Dickenstein
2014-31   Moriwaki divisors and the augmented base loci of divisors on the moduli space of curves
by Salvatore Cacciola, Angelo Felice Lopez and Filippo Viviani
2014-30   Translated chemical reaction networks
by Matthew D. Johnston
2014-29   An algorithm to detect full irreducibility by bounding the volume of periodic free factors
by Matt Clay, Johanna Mangahas and Alexandra Pettet
2014-28   Uniform hyperbolicity of the curve graph via surgery sequences
by Matt Clay, Kasra Rafi and Saul Schleimer
2014-27   Ergodic currents dual to a real tree
by Thierry Coulbois and Arnaud Hilion
2014-26   The hyperbolicity of the sphere complex via surgery paths
by Arnaud Hilion and Camille Horbez
2014-25   Cannon-Thurston fibers for irreducible automorphisms of $F_N$
by Ilya Kapovich and Martin Lustig
2014-24   Unramified Brauer classes on cyclic covers of the projective plane
by Colin Ingalls, Andrew Obus, Ekin Ozman and Bianca Viray
2014-23   Refined stable pair invariants for E-, M- and [p,q]-strings
by Min-xin Huang, Albrecht Klemm and Maximilian Poretschkin
2014-22   Stochastic analysis of biochemical reaction networks with absolute concentration robustness
by David F. Anderson, German Enciso and Matthew Johnston
2014-21   On the cohomology of linear groups over imaginary quadratic fields
by Herbert Gangl, Paul E. Gunnells, Jonathan Hanke, Achill Schuermann, Mathieu Dutour Sikiric, and Dan Yasaki
2014-20   On the associated primes and the depth of the second power of squarefree monomial ideals
by Naoki Terai and Ngo Viet Trung
2014-19   Symbolic powers of monomial ideals
by Susan M. Cooper, Robert J. D. Embree, Huy Tài Hà and Andrew H. Hoefel
2014-18   Bounding the socles of powers of squarefree monomial ideals
by Jürgen Herzog and Takayuki Hibi
2014-17   Componentwise regularity (I)
by Giulio Caviglia and Matteo Varbaro
2014-16   Powers of squarefree monomial ideals and combinatorics
by Christopher A. Francisco, Huy Tai Ha, and Jeffrey Mermin
2014-15   Unramified Brauer classes on cyclic covers of the projective plane
by Colin Ingalls, Andrew Obus, Ekin Ozman, and Bianca Viray
2014-14   Universal unramified cohomology of cubic fourfolds containing a plane
by Asher Auel, Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène and R. Parimala
2014-13   Descente galoisienne sur le second groupe de Chow : mise au point
by Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène
2014-12   Hypersurfaces quartiques de dimension 3 : non rationalité stable
by Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène and Alena Pirutka
2014-11   Unirational threefolds with no universal codimension 2 cycle
by Claire Voisin
2014-10   Modeling an augmented Lagrangian for improved blackbox constrained optimization
by Robert B. Gramacy, Genetha A. Gray, Sebastien Le Digabel, Herbert K. H. Lee, Pritam Ranjan, Garth Wells, and Stefan M. Wild
2014-9   Affine permutations and rational slope parking functions
by Eugene Gorsky, Mikhail Mazin, and Monica Vazirani
2014-8   Discrete branching laws for minimal holomorphic representations
by Jan Möllers and Yoshiki Oshima
2014-7   Classification theorems for operators preserving zeros in a strip
by Petter Brändén and Matthew Chasse
2014-6   Toward GIT stability of syzygies of canonical curves
by Anand Deopurkar, Maksym Fedorchuk, and David Swinarski
2013-5   On a Cohen-Lenstra heuristic for Jacobians of random graphs
by Julien Clancy, Nathan Kaplan, Timothy Leake, Sam Payne, and Melanie Matchett Wood
2013-4   The distribution of sandpile groups of random graphs
by Melanie Matchett Wood
2014-3   s-Lecture hall partitions, self-reciprocal polynomials, and Gorenstein cones
by Matthias Beck, Benjamin Braun, Matthias Koeppe, Carla Savage, and Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos
2014-2   In support of $n$-correlation
by J. B. Conrey and N. C. Snaith
2014-1   Singular Hopf bifurcation in a differential equation with large state-dependent delay
by G. Kozyreff and T. Erneux

Volume 16, 2013

2013-85   Path cover number, maximum nullity, and zero forcing number of oriented graphs and other simple digraphs
by Adam Berliner, Cora Brown, Joshua Carlson, Nathanael Cox, Leslie Hogben, Jason Hu, Katrina Jacobs, Kathryn Manternach, Travis Peters, Nathan Warnberg, Michael Young
2013-84   Quantum mirror curves for C^3 and the resolved conifold
by Jian Zhou
2013-83   The spectral curve and the Schroedinger equation of double Hurwitz numbers and higher spin structures
by Motohico Mulase, Sergey Shadrin, and Loek Spitz
2013-82   Topological recursion for the Poincare polynomial of the combinatorial moduli space of curves
by Motohico Mulase and Michael Penkava
2013-81   The Laplace transform, mirror symmetry, and the topological recursion of Eynard-Orantin
by Motohico Mulase
2013-80   Quantum curves for simple Hurwitz numbers of an arbitrary base curve
by Xiaojun Liu, Motohico Mulase, and Adam Sorkin
2013-79   About the $x-y$ symmetry of the $F_g$ algebraic invariants
by Bertrand Eynard and Nicolas Orantin
2013-78   Computation of open Gromov-Witten invariants for toric Calabi-Yau 3-folds by topological recursion, a proof of the BKMP conjecture
by Bertrand Eynard and Nicolas Orantin
2013-77   Invariants of spectral curves and intersection theory of moduli spaces of complex curves
by Bertrand Eynard
2013-76   Intersection numbers of spectral curves
by Bertrand Eynard
2013-75   Quantum spectral curve for the Gromov-Witten theory of the complex projective line
by Petr Dunin-Barkowski, Motohico Mulase, Paul Norbury, Alexandr Popolitov, and Sergey Shadrin
2013-74   The spectral curve of the Eynard-Orantin recursion via the Laplace transform
by Olivia Dumitrescu, Motohico Mulase, Brad Safnuk, and Adam Sorkin
2013-73   Quantum curves for Hitchin fibrations and the Eynard-Orantin theory
by Olivia Dumitrescu and Motohico Mulase
2013-72   Fermionic gluing principle of the topological vertex
by Fusheng Deng and Jian Zhou
2013-71   On fermionic representation of the Gromov-Witten invariants of the resolved Conifold
by Fusheng Deng and Jian Zhou
2013-70   Intersection numbers on Deligne-Mumford moduli spaces and quantum Airy curve
by Jian Zhou
2013-69   Mirror symmetry for orbifold Hurwitz numbers
by Vincent Bouchard, Daniel Hernandez Serrano, Xiaojun Liu, and Motohico Mulase
2013-68   Abstract loop equations, topological recursion, and applications
by Gaëtan Borot, Bertrand Eynard, and Nicolas Orantin
2013-67   All-order asymptotics of hyperbolic knot invariants from non-perturbative topological recursion of A-polynomials
by Gaëtan Borot and Bertrand Eynard
2013-66   A generalized topological recursion for arbitrary ramification
by Vincent Bouchard, Joel Hutchinson, Prachi Loliencar, Michael Meiers, and Matthew Rupert
2013-65   Rate-independent computation in continuous chemical reaction networks
by H. L. Chen, D. Doty, and D. Soloveichik
2013-64   Deterministic detailed balance in chemical reaction networks is sufficient but not necessary for stochastic detailed balance
by Badal Joshi
2013-63   Intransitive Dice
by Brian Conrey, James Gabbard, Katie Grant, Andrew Liu, and Kent Morrison
2013-62   Minimum rank of zero-diagonal matrices described by a